Saturday, June 10, 2017

Good times in May

May was an amazing month. Of course we had to take our yearly picture by the blooming azalea
bushes.  I can't wait to put all these pictures side by side in a scrapbook and see how much she has grown from one year to the next.

Sophia earned her Bronze Award in Girl Scouts. She worked on a project for a horse rescue. She and her friend made horse treat bags for the horses during the holidays and raised money for a donation to the rescue.  She is very excited about moving on her her Silver and Gold Awards.  Sophia bridged from Juniors to Cadettes in May too.  Our troop had a huge Cupcake War event where 30 scouts participated in a competition decorating cupcakes. It was a great event and helped us earn money to support the Bronze Award projects the girls completed.

We celebrated Mother's Day with Steve's Mom and sister. It was nice to be with family on Mother's Day. I miss my Mom terribly but know that she is still with me in spirit. Her love can still be felt.

Sophia auditioned for the County's Festival Chorus. She worked weekly with about five other kids to learn music over a six week period. She then joined kids from all 5th grades in the county and spent a day practicing as a group with a guest conductor. They then performed together at night.  It was a twelve hour day but she had a blast.

She continues to ride. Sometimes I feel we are at the barn more than our house!  She loves riding Navajo. He is such a great horse.  She was planning on trying him in the jumper ring during the May show but it got rained out.  She did compete in the May Dressage show. She did test A and B. She did well. She is very motivated to improve her score each time she rides.

Sophia had a blast at the Memorial Day In-house show. She did very well with Navajo. She rode pairs with one of her friends. They took first place. Sophia and her friend designed T-shirts that we made on the Cricut. She is a very creative child. Sophia was pretty exhausted after the show. Otto slept with her.

The pool opened Memorial Day weekend. The water was SOOO cold. I did not go in but Steve and Sophia did brave the cold.

My most favorite part of the month was getting a note from Sophia. She took a necklace she bought me in Claire's (with her money) last year and incorporated it into a picture. She is an amazing kid. We are so blessed with her in our lives.

Our pets are all happy. Otto loves Boba and rubs up against him. Boba doesn't know quite what to do. Kaegogi loves Mr. Twinkletoes and barks at him and chases him. So glad they all get along.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

April update

Spring? Summer? Winter? Hard to tell with the weather we are having. Some days  have been really warm and others cold. Strange weather but it has been a fun-filled month.

Sophia is a busy baker. We have worked on making cake pops. These are not easy to make but our second try went better than the first. We are getting there. Sophia also made stuff for the adult in-house show. We made peppermint bark, horse treats and strawberry pie.

The April show was a success. Sophia had to compete in a English Pleasure class because we lease Navajo. There were three girls in the walk/trot class with her. The canter and combo class she was alone. Needless to say she took first place in all three of those classes!  She competed in short stirrup with many other kids. She took home a 5th in walk/trot, 4th in canter and 6th in jumping. We are hoping she will do a jump class in the jumper division next show. The jumping she does here is all hunter-judged on equitation rather than time and faults. 

Sophia was in the April Dressage show. She did Intro A and B test. The plan was to do the B test at the end of the series but she was ready and did fantastic. She took first place in both of those classes. Angel is an awesome coach and Eli a great partner.

Linda, Chuck and the girls came down for their Easter visit. It was fun. We went to the inner harbor one day. We also dyed eggs, visited puppies, played at Dave and Busters and had an egg hunt. We went out for a great Easter brunch before they had to head home. 

I was able to catch up with Andrea on her short visit here. We had our favorite dinner and dessert together. What fun.

 Sophia was able to throw a pie in Mr. Q's face because she was the top fundraiser in the 5th grade during their Jumprope for Heart event. He was a great sport.
Our pets are enjoying the warmer weather and sun shine.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We had a great month. We had a little snow. We all love the snow. It is nice to be able to play outside. Who doesn't love a snow day. Sophia had a blast sledding with her friends. The dogs even liked being outside.  Buddy, the dog at the barn found a place to sleep out of the snow. 

Sophia participated in her 6th Jumprope for Heart event. She raised $385 for the American Heart Association. She donated some of her allowance and the money she earned by petsitting for a friend. She was the top fundraiser in the 5th grade so she will be able to throw a pie in one of her teacher's faces.

Aiden came home with Ginny for his spring break. We were able to celebrate his 21st birthday a few days late.

Sophia still loves to bake and is getting quite good at decorating.

I was a chaperone on her field trip to Mt. Vernon. Unfortunately it poured the whole day. We didn't get to see as much as we wanted to. Hopefully we can go back as a family to see more of the property. I had never been there before. Steve and Sophia went for spring break last year but I had to work.

I am fighting a battle with the homeowners association. They tell me my sign has to go. I changed the sign into a door decoration and I am ready to fight this battle.

Our pets are all awesome. It is nice to see Kaegogi jump up on the couch. The acupuncture seems to be helping her. We got new furniture at the end of the month. Sophia helped put the couches together. The couches are higher so she can't jump up on these but she has her comfy beds to sleep in.  

February update

A cold winter month. Not much to write about. The most exciting thing was taking Navajo to his first off property show with Sophia. He was a rockstar. Sophia and him made a great team. It was still dark when we left the barn. It was a cold day but fun, nonetheless.  She placed 2nd over fences, 1st under saddle, 1st over fences (second round) and 4th walk/trot. She was Champion in the short stirrup division.

Sophia tried out for festival chorus in a blind audition at her school. She earned a place. They will perform in May. 

Our pets are all doing well. Otto and Mr. Twinkletoes are fun to watch. They really love each other.