Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Making progress

Time seems to be going by very slowly. It feels as if we will never meet our daughter. We are making progress, however slowly. The dossier is almost complete. We are still waiting for the INS approval. That was mailed to them 5 weeks ago so we are hoping to have that soon. The rest of our documents have been notarized, county and state certified. That process was not at all difficult. Steve brought the dossier, along with two copies to the agency on Friday, May 20th. They said they would start the translation process while we wait for the approval. Once the approval arrives and we get that notarized, county and state certified the documents will be ready to be send to China. At that time we will be assigned a travel group from our agency. The travel group will be the families we will travel with to China. I hear that once you are assigned a group it feels more real. We will see.

What did make it feel more real was shopping at a yard sale at work. They had so many cute outfits for girls for 25 cents. Who could pass that up? I am not sure if the things will even fit but it was fun buying them. I got about 20 different pieces of clothing for $5. Most of them are 18-24 months and really cute.

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