Monday, June 27, 2005

Paperwork in China!!

We made it past another hurdle. Our paperwork is finally in China! We had been waiting for the agency to send us an email letting us know that our dossier was sent to China.(DTC- dossier to China)

We were told that they were waiting for several other families' documents to be translated and we would be sent over in a group of five. When we did not get the email notifying us that they were on the way to China I sent the agency an email. They reported that the coordinator of the program decided not to wait and sent the two families that were done! We are in group number 28 with one other family.

The next day we got the official email from the agency stating that our log in date (LID) was June 13th, 2005. The email went on to further explain that the estimated time table is as follows: we will review paperwork for updating in November, attend a travel meeting in December, get our referral in January, and travel to pick up Sophie in March. We will also be starting our travel vaccinations soon, as well as, take one parenting adopted children course through the agency.

The waiting is horrible. Chinese New Year is the end of January. Everything shuts done for two weeks which can further slow this process. We are hoping that the craziness of the holidays will make the time pass quicker but that is yet to be seen.

We are very excited about being one step closer. We will keep you posted as the journey continues.

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