Tuesday, January 03, 2006


While there is not much that has changed it feels good that it is now 2006 and this is the year we will travel to China to bring home Sophia. CCAA has matched babies to parents who had log in dates until 4/25. We have all of May and half of June to go before it is our time. There is rumor that another batch of referrals will be out sometime next week but that is only a rumor thus far. CCAA did send an additional batch of referrals from the log in dates of April 15-April 25 out last week. People are just getting their referral news from this latest batch. I just pray these referrals keep on coming and pray that we won't miss any cut off dates being logged in on June 13th. They seem to cut them off anywhere between the 12th and 15th so I am a bit nervous. I am expecting a March referral, missing that by one day will just kill me!!!!! Anne


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