Monday, April 10, 2006

Hanging in there.... if only by a thread

I can not believe we are still waiting for our referral. It is hard not knowing when it might come. When we first got started we expected to have Sophia home by now and here we are without any information about our chosen daughter and when we will meet her.

Group 27, who logged in one month before us, is still waiting for their referrals. They have been expecting them "any day now" for about a month. They were given today, April 10th, as a date they should have them in hand. Time will tell.

We are very curious to see what happens with group 27 because we are group 28. Group 29 is logged in just four days after us. After our agency gets the referrals for group 27 they will schedule a travel meeting for our group and group 29. The travel meetings are typically scheduled 2-4 weeks before the referral is expected. It will talk about travel, what to pack, ways to encourage attachment, expectations, etc. Another small step in the long journey.

I wish I could write with better news but right now there is nothing in the pipeline. To look at the bright side no news is better than bad news.



Journey to Mia Lin said...

So sorry you missed the referral date by only 7 days! Hang in there! It won't be long! Hopefully they won't take as long to send out the next batch of referrals!!

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