Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Travel Meeting Scheduled

On April 10th we received an email from our agency saying it was time to schedule our travel meeting. The travel meeting will address what to expect during the trip, how to facilitate bonding, what will happen each day while in China , how to make travel arrangements for our trip, discuss paperwork to bring/do ahead, shots, packing tips, etc. The agency suggested several days and asked all the families which one was best. May 12th was selected which unfortunately is one of the worst days of the year to take off with the board of trustee's meeting and graduation. Thankfully, my boss was supportive when I told her I would need off that day.

I am looking forward to this meeting because it will answer lots of questions but also mean we are one step closer to Sophia. The agency expects that we will get our referral late May or early to mid June. Pray for the end of May date. This waiting is incredibly hard.


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