Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Rollercoaster Ride

I sent a email to my agency asking if they thought we would get our referrals in the beginning of June. They told me that they know group 28 (our group of two families) and group 29 are together. I am not sure what that means. Our log in date was June 13 which means we would get our referrals with this bunch. Group 29 has a June 17 log in date which means they get their referrals in the next batch.... next month (beginning of July.)

Sandy thinks we are not in this batch but in the next one. However, she still expects us to get our referrals around the second week in June. It was my understanding that the CCAA only matched once a month, towards the end of each month. What a downer. If we do not get our referral until the beginning of July we will not travel until mid to late August. I sure hope she is right about the referral coming mid June. I am going out of my mind!!!!!

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