Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally some news!!!

On Wednesday, June 28 I got a call from Sandy. I was still interpreting so I could not answer my phone but I did peak at it mid-sentence and saw the agencies number. I could hardly concentrate. Not two minutes later Steve called me 4 times in a row. I knew this was some good news but could not get to the phone for 10 minutes. I don't know how I was able to finish the job but I did manage. Once I called Steve back he told me that Sandy contacted him to let us know that referrals were in the mail and should arrive in the US on Thursday and we may get them on Saturday. I was thrilled.

Fast forward to Thursday when we get an email from Sandy stating the referrals had not arrived yet. She called to check in and told us it would really be happening very soon.

On Friday at 1:4o I was interpreting again. Sandy calls. I missed the call. I couldn't get out a thought. Thank goodness I was able to finish up in about two minutes and call Sandy back. She told me that referrals were not yet in but Xiumin called from China with some information. We are going to Sichuan to meet our daughter. She was born in November and is residing at the Chongqing Social Work Institute. This all feels surreal. Our referral paperwork has not arrived yet so we don't know any more details but we will hear very soon. Sandy is hoping that they arrive today and can be translated tonight. If so we will pick up the referrals (and a picture of Sophia!!!!!!) on Saturday afternoon. If not we will have to wait until Monday. I can't believe this is all happening. We are all overjoyed. Sichuan is in Southwest China. It is beautiful. It is also the home of the Giant Panda Reserve. We all can't wait to travel to see this beautiful country and to bring Sophia home.


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