Tuesday, August 08, 2006

China here we come!!!

We will be leaving tomorrow morning bright and early. We are packed, everything is in order, and we have our pet sitter/house sitter all prepped and ready to take charge.

We got our itinerary yesterday and it is very exciting. Please pray that we have a safe journey.

8/9 leave from BWI, fly into Chicago and then to Beijing

8/10 arrive in China and rest

8/11 Visit the Forbidden City, Tian An Men Square and the Temple of Heaven

8/12 Visit the Great Wall, see an acrobat show, have a welcome dinner

8/13 Take a rickshaw tour of the Hutong district, visit the Dram Tower, a school, the Summer Palace, take a dragon boat on the Kunming lake, listen to traditional Chinese music played by a musician on a scull boat in Shi Sha Hai. Have lunch in a family home and learn how to make dumplings with the family.

8/14 Leave at 8:00 to fly to Chongqing. Be united with Sophia at 4:00!!!!!!!!

8/15 Do some paperwork and bond with the baby

8/16 More bonding time with the baby

8/17 Fly to Chengdu

8/18 Visit the Wolong Panda Preservation

8/19 Return to Chengdu, visit and Dujiangyan, an ancient irrigation system

8/20 Fly to Guangzhou

8/21 Sophia will have medical exam, tour Guangzhou

8/22 Sophia’s paperwork will be delivered to the US Consulate. We will shop and tour in

8/23 Go to the US Consulate for visa ceremony and to get Sophia’s visas.

8/24 Fly to Hong Kong at 8:20 AM, take an 11:30 flight to San Franscico, then fly to BWI after a five hour layover in SF. Total travel time will be approximately twenty-six hours but we will arrive at BWI at 10:33 PM on 8/24.


LaLa said...

Have a great time in China. We really miss it. Relax, be flexible and just enjoy your daughter. Be prepared for any reaction she may have to you and just love her and all will be well. Can't wait to see her in your arms!
Laura (Annslee JiaNa's mama)

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