Tuesday, August 15, 2006


August 16th AM
Sophia slept through the night in her crib. She awoke at 5:30 and initiated us into parenting her. She had a bowel movement. Before we knew it the diaper was leaking onto the bed. Anne quickly changed her and called to Steve to run the bath. It was a mess. The prunes were a bit too much. Anne stripped her down and was just about ready to put her in the bath when she pooped all over Anne and the bathroom floor. It was explosive. Anne handled it very well. Steve and Anne both broke out laughing.

We then thought it was a good idea to give her a bottle before we gave her medicine. She did not agree. She threw up all over Steve and the bed again. We called housekeeping to come pick up the dirty towels and linens. While they were in her she threw up again. They quickly brought more towels. It seems to be a combination of her cough and playing upside down with daddy.

We then had a nice breakfast of congee (good for the tummy) and some potatoes. She then took a nap lying on mommy. Mommy wanted to sleep too but as soon as Anne moved her off she started crying. She woke up in the best mood. She played with Anne on the bed.

She then got on the floor and played with Katie. She really began crawling when Katie put the toys out of her reach. She is opening up more each day. At breakfast she was waving to daddy (which we are calling baba- the Chinese word for daddy.) She might even be starting to sign more when she wants more food. She started to clap her hands and feet. She likes holding mama’s hands and making them clap. She seems to call for mama when she wants to be held by Anne. She has said baba a few times as well. We are in love.

Today we have what we hope is a quiet day. There is nothing scheduled for us. We will just spend time bonding. This could be the last blog for a few days seeing we are going to a more rural area tomorrow. We fly out in the morning and then take a bus to the Wolong Panda Reserve. We will be spending two nights in the Panda Inn. We will get online to update this if it is possible but if you don’t see any news, no need to worry. We miss everyone and we can’t wait to see you at home. Look for more updates, if not tomorrow then in three days when we get to Guangzhou. At this rate she will be speaking English in full sentences and be ready to run in a marathon.


Anonymous said...

I can not go three days without pictures. I am spoiled. I just made another comment on your previous posting. If you can read it and reply to me by email. Thanks. I love you. Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

Ah, the initiations to parenthood! At least Sophie didn't have the problem on the bus ride to the panda reserve. And Katie, what a great crawling coach! We will miss our morning updates as you travel but know you will be having a wonderful time. Love, Mom and Skip

Anonymous said...

I'm beaming.. thanks for all of these wonderful updates! And, welcome to parenthood! Katie, Sophia is very lucky to have you as a big sister! Enjoy your family time~

Anonymous said...

Welcome to parenting! I love that she wants to nap on you, that is such a great feeling. We can't wait to see you, the girls keep telling all their friends about Sophia and showing off her photos. Keep smiling, keep laughing and keep loving those children of yours, they make everything worthwhile. Love, Tracey

Anonymous said...

Steve, Anne and Katie,
We are thrilled for you and con not wait to meet the newest Braun! I know how much she means to you and your family and she is a lucky girl. Take care, enjoy your next few weeks and keep in touch. We will hold down the AHS fort for you.
Love, Betsy and crew

Nick is Out! said...

Hi! Sounds like you are having a blast (no pun intended) Wanted to let you know that Nick has been sprung :-D He's here with me for a week or so and then will move to a place with two guys in Keyport. Everything is really good!

Love to all 4 of you,

The Gilberts said...

我们正在开会Sophie兴奋! !

Enjoy and have a safe trip home!

Todd, Sharon, Chris & Ryan

Erin Scott said...

Anne - She is absolutely beautiful! You are blessed! Sounds like you have been initiated into parenthood!!!! Enjoy all the snuggles and love a new baby brings. I hope to meet her in person one day.
Erin Scott (Sandy Spring Friends)

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