Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Our Last WAITING Parents Meeting!!!

Last week we went to our last waiting parents meeting. I have been going to these almost every month. It has been a wonderful support and resource. It is held at the adoption agency. The coordinator of the China program brings different people in to talk. Mostly the guest have been parents who have recently adopted. They bring their daughters and talk about the entire experience. It is always good to see how well the children are doing and to hear about the whole adoption process.

We brought Sophia's picture to show everyone. We also brought the book that Steve and I made for the care package. Actually I should not take much credit on this book. I copied the pictures for it and then Steve did all the work. He found the Chinese characters for mom, dad, big sister, big brother, dogs and cats and labeled each picture. It came out great.

It was nice to be there at the waiting parents meeting knowing this was our last meeting. I hope to some day go back to those meetings as the invited guests with Sophia. These meetings were a great help for me. I hope that I may have the opportunity to help others.

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