Monday, August 14, 2006

Sophia is a doll

August 14

We got to our hotel at about 2:00 PM and no sooner got off the bus when our babies came in the lobby. They were probably waiting for us to arrive. Steve recognized Sophia right away and I riffled through my carry on to find the video camera.

They handed Sophia to me (Anne) She cried a little bit but settled down quickly. Katie then had a chance to hold her and finally Steve. She cried a little every time she was passed off but settled in quickly. We brought her back to the room and gave her a bottle which she drank very quickly.

Then Anne took a bath with her. She loved the water. Katie joined the bath and all the girls had fun. She played with Katlyn, Heather and Todd's daughter. She is in my lap now as I type. She is reaching for the keys and every now and then types a few letters. Steve is doing paperwork.

She has a bit of a cold so we gave her the antibiotics the doctor gave us. We will write more later once we settle in. We just wanted to let you know that she is beautiful. We are in love and she is quite content.

-A Note From Katie
WOW! Where should I start?She is really cute, and she loves water. We should get along well...
She has already made some friends,taken a bath, had a bottle (two, actually), played with some toys, and almost took a nap.She hasn't cried much, though. All of the babies are adorable, but little Sophie is the cutest! Well, Anne said to stop typing,so I will. If you have comments to me,
Write for Katie please. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hello and Congratulations to Mommy, Daddy and Big Sister Katie, and baby Sophie!!!! I woke up my Mommy to show her the pictures. It was like Christmas. She is just beautiful, and she lost the baby fat. She still has cute cheeks to kiss though. She sounds like a good baby too. We can't wait to see her. This is so exciting. It looks like Steve settled right into the feeding. That is awesome. I can just imagine how you feel. Your life will never be the same now that you have your precious daughter.
Katie I am so happy you had the chance to go to China to be part of bringing home your baby sister. I know you will be a great big sister. I know you are a great big cousin. Enjoy her and the rest of your time in China. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.
Love, Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

We are happy for you all beyond words! Hugs and kisses to everyone, and a special one for "the little swimmer" Sophie!!
Love, Mom and Skip
We will print the pictures and take them to mother

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the family you beautiful and amazingly loved Sophie! I can feel the energy through the pictures and words. Much love to you all.. we can't wait to bite her cheeks. I love reading Katie's words too!
Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!
Andrea, Jim and Michael

Anonymous said...

Wow! This whole experience seems truly amazing! Sophie is beautiful, and you all look so wonderful! Hi, Katie. You look like you are a terrific sister already!

Can't wait to see you ALL! Keep us posted...I enjoy reading everything you write!!

Abbie :-)

Anonymous said...


She is absolutely beautiful. It sounds like Katie and Sophie will be spending a lot of time swimming and playing. Sophie is very lucky to have such a wonderful brother and sister (and mom and dad too).
Hope you are all getting some sleep and that she feels better for the trip home.

Congratulations again!

Suzy (and the rest of the Quinlan gang)

Anonymous said...

Anne, Steve and Katie,

OH MY GOD SHE IS THE CUTEST!! We can't wait to meet her! We are so glad things are going well for you in China, it seems like an amazing experience. Give that baby lots of hugs and kisses and tell her that she has 3 big cousins who can't wait to give her lovies!

Katie, you're going to be the best big sister!

Love Uncle George and Auntie Tracey

Jackson Griffith said...

We can't wait to see her! Congratulations and we hope everything goes smoothly on the way home.
Great blogging BTW...emma and leslie

Anonymous said...

I took the pictures to work today like a proud Aunt. Hollie even brought her own copy to school to show everyone. She is treasuring her picture. Stephanie says...i love Sophia, she's so cute. She is my baby cousin. When is she going to sit on my lap. When am I going to hold her? I love her. Hollie says...ABCs. I give Sophia Hug. Love, Auntie Linda, stephanie and Hollie

Beth McGrain said...

Congrats to the whole family :-) You look like you are having a fantastic time. I can't figure what my relationship to Sophie is in our "modern" family, so just give her a big kiss from me and tell her welcome!
I love you so many, Boo. Keep having fun. I don't know what it's like to be a big sister. I'm sure you will be a great one - you are great at everything else you do.
Love, love, love, Mommy