Tuesday, October 10, 2006

September Update

Some of you may have been wondering why we haven't posted.... it is because we are having too much fun. Sophia is truly a blessing. She is such a happy child, full of curiousity and joy. She loves playing on the ground with us. She giggles outloud when you chase after her and "catch her" giving her lots of hugs and kisses. She really loves her mama, baba, sister, brother, cats and dog. Her smile lights up the room.

She is almost ready to walk. She loves cruising along the furniture and pushing her wagon outside. She studies everything and copies whatever she sees. She knows many signs (mama, baba, milk, eat, more, all done, ut oh, baby, bye, and is learning wait) and a few words (mama, baba, bye bye, and ut oh) Not bad for only two months exposure to English and ASL. Can you tell we are very proud parents!!!

Sophia is quite an independent young girl. She likes to eat on her own. No baby food for this little one. Her current favorite foods are carrots, watermelon and tofu. Her favorite sign is eat!

Anne and Sophia took a trip to Connecticut to visit Grandma Barbara and meet her Aunt Linda, Aunt Tracey, Uncle George and all her cousins. Sophia enjoyed playing with her cousins. Stephanie (almost 5) became Sophia's sidekick all weekend. Stephanie, as young as she is, is the best babysitter!

We have posted a few of our favorite pictures from September. Enjoy. Anne and Steve

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