Monday, December 04, 2006

1st Birthday Celebration

Time certainly flies by when you are having fun. I still remember those very long days and months of waiting. The time to finally meet Sophia seemed as if would never arrive. Now that she is in our arms we are having so much fun the time goes TOO quickly.

Sophia turned one on November 1. We celebrated her birthday a few days early by having a small party with her grandparents. She enjoyed opening her gifts. She also enjoyed playing in her cake. She never did taste it but enjoyed having her hands in the frosting. She made quite the mess as you can see. This year's gift from China was a doll. Sophia loves dolls. She signs and says baby and then kisses all her dolls. It is very cute to see.

She also had a present for us on her birthday, as if just being with us wasn't enough!! She took her first real steps on November 1st. She was so proud of herself.

We have been blessed. Our dreams have come true. Sophia is doing so well. She is really picking up both English and American Sign Language. She is adjusting so well. She is always happy. She has bonded with all of us and knows we are her forever family.

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Anonymous said...

I've really enjoyed reading about your adoption journey and your family. My husband and I are using ATI with a DTC date of 6/12/05.
Happy holidays to your family!
Carol E.