Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some of our favorite things

Sophia is truly a blessing. She is a very happy child who loves to laugh and play. She is very smart. Her vocabulary is amazing. She has about 85 words which she either signs or says. She clearly understands what is asked of her. She is learning to count... it goes something like this ... 1, 2, 5, 8, 9.... but it is a start.

She loves TV. She will turn it on herself. We have to limit the TV time because she could watch it all day. She loves Elmo, Noddy, Barney and The Wonder Pets. The Wonder Pets is also one of Steve's favorites too!

She enjoys playing with her baby dolls. She puts them in a stroller, tries to dress them, feeds them in her high chair, puts them to sleep and hugs and kisses them.

She loves being outside and playing with the older kids. She adores her big sister, Katie. Katie is super with her. It is so fun to watch them interact. They are both totally in love with each other. Sophia is getting to be a very active child. She loves to climb. I have signed her up for a mommy and me gymnastics class which starts in April.

She also likes to cook. She helps me make dinner at times and loves when we make special treats together. We have made playdoh, cookies, muffins, pudding, and pretzels. She is getting good at pouring the ingredients into a bowl and loves to stir. She has recently learned that tasting the things as we cook is fun.

Sophia is quite the reader. She sits and reads her books, either alone or with us. She tells us a story at bedtime after we finish reading her the story. Books about animals are her favorite right now.

Sophia enjoys helping out. She helps me unload the silverware from the dishwasher. She helps wiping the table down after dinner and throws things away in the trash. We have had to start to check the trash though because Sophie really likes to toss stuff out. She feeds the cats their dry food (although sometimes more is on the floor than in the bowl.) Sophie also loves to take baths and asks to brush her teeth.

Sophia's likes a wide variety of food. She reaches for the pickle jar first thing in the morning. She still loves fruit and vegetables. She now is able to hold an peeled banana and eat it. She has recently discovered how good pasta with sauce is. This child also loves grated cheese. (See, she is her mother's daughter!!) We are trying to avoid all milk products. We still don't know for certain if she is lactose intolerant. We will wait until she is two to see if she outgrows it.

Sophia is typically an early riser. She is a good sleeper. She has stopped taking a bottle of milk at night. She goes to bed with a bottle of water instead. She still likes the bottles of milk during her morning and afternoon naps. It is something we are working on. She loves drinking juice from a sippy cup but has not taken to milk from a sippy yet. I think we have about eight different kinds of sippy cups hoping to find one she likes to drink milk from. No luck yet.

We feel blessed to have Sophia in our lifes. She certainly brightens our days and warms our hearts.

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