Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mother's Day and Anne's Birthday

We celebrated Mother's Day and Anne's Birthday in the same weekend. Anne's birthday was on Friday. Her very good friend, Lisa, was in town with her family. We spent the afternoon with Lisa, her husband, John, and son, Jacob. Jacob is two. Sophia and Jacob played together at the park and then went swimming together at their hotel. It was a wonderful day.

On Sunday we went to Steve's parents house to celebrate Mother's Day with Steve's mom and Grandmother. We spent a lovely day outside. We (Skip, Anne, Steve and Sophia) even went swimming. Sophia loves to swim. She enjoys "jumping in" from the side, of course we are holding her the whole time. It is going to be a fun summer at the pool with Sophia.

Having Sophia home for Mother's Day was indescribable. We waited so long to finally meet her. The wait was extremely hard but now that she is part of our family I see how it was all worth it. She had to wait to be matched with Sophia. I could not imagine life without her.

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Katie, Big Sister said...

She is too cute!!!!!! :) :)