Monday, June 18, 2007

First trip to the beach

Sophia made her first trip to the beach on June 15th. We were invited by Heather and Todd who also adopted their daughter when we adopted Sophia. We first met them during our very long wait to bring home our daughters. We became friends through the adoption process and traveled to China together. Sophia and Katlyn have gotten together for playdates since we have been home.

The beach was wonderful. The town had a quaint feel to it. It was a bit cloudy on Friday and Saturday but we didn't mind at all. Sophia loved the water and playing in the sand. This girl knows no fear. She walked right into the water. She was not tentative in the least bit, even after she fell down and swallowed some sea water.

She really liked playing with Katlyn. They tended to follow each other around copying each other. It was really cute. They are beginning to get the concept of sharing.

Once the girls got to bed the adults enjoyed good conversation and a mean game of Mexican Train. We reminisced about this time last year when we hadn't even had our referrals yet. Our families lives had changed forever. We are all so glad to have our babies home and having the long wait behind us.

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