Thursday, November 01, 2007

And today she turns two!!

It is hard to believe that my little baby is two today. She is getting so big. She is talking up a storm and asserting herself more often.

We started the big day by singing Happy Birthday to her in her crib as she woke up this morning. We had a cupcake and a balloon for her. We also gave her the gift we bought in China for her second birthday. This year it was a children's story book with PinYin, Chinese characters and an English translation. The stories were interesting to say the least. They may have lost something in the translation!

We also had cupcakes with some of the neighborhood children after dinner tonight. She had a blast. We also gave her our present for her tonight, the Rose Petal Cottage. She LOVES this!! and I must admit I do too. I wish they had toys like this when I was growing up. I guess having a child is like having a second chance at childhood again. I certainly love getting on the floor and playing with Sophia.


Katie said...

How's my little Cthulu? I hope Soph still loves him!

Minda said...

Good post.