Thursday, May 01, 2008

March Update

Where does the time go? Here it is May 1st and I am writing an update for March. I am not sure how I have fallen so far behind.

March was a pretty extraordinary month. We added another animal to our family. We got a new puppy, Boba, on March 14th. He was two months old at the time. He is a puggle, half pug / half beagle. He is FULL of energy. He is chewing everything he can get his mouth around. Sophia likes to take him on walks seeing she can hold his leash all herself but does not like it when he jumps on her or takes her food. It has been quite noisy in our house lately between Boba's barking and Sophia's screaming when the dog is bothering her. Kaegogi, our 5 year old Shiba Inu, seems to be enjoying the playmate but I do think it becomes a little too much at times. The cats don't seem to be bothered by the puppy but the cats stay upstairs most of the day so contact is very limited.

We had new neighbors move into the house next store. They have a five-year old girl, Jennifer, and a three-year old boy, Jason. Sophia loves playing with them. They have had several playdates and trips to the park together. We had an Easter Egg Hunt with them and one other neighborhood friend on Easter day. Sophia had a blast looking for eggs. It is so fun to watch her as she explores and discovers.

We went to visit Sophia's friend, Katlyn, at the end of the month. Katlyn was wearing pull ups and Sophia decided that she does not want to wear diapers anymore. We are now using "underwear" which are pull ups. She is so excited about going on the potty. Katlyn got two M&Ms for successful trips to the potty. Sophia negotiated three jelly beans for her successful trips. It turns out to be a great motivator.

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