Wednesday, June 25, 2008

May Fun

Sophia continues to amaze us everyday with the things she does and says. We celebrated Mother's Day and Anne's birthday with Grandma Beadle and Grandma Bev. It was a cool May day but that did not stop Katie and Sophia from swimming. The water was too cold for me to venture in. Nonetheless, it was a relaxing day spent by the pool with family.

Sophia and Anne did some gardening during the month of May. We started our vegetable garden in the backyard with some tomato, green pepper and cucumber plants. We also planted some rosemary, basil and strawberries. Sophia loves strawberries and is looking forward to getting to eat the berries. Sophia's gift for Mother's Day was a beautiful pot filled with sunflower plants. We planted them outside once they got a little bigger. Sophia loves to help out and garden work proved to be very messy and lots of fun. She loves helping water the plants.

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