Monday, June 30, 2008

June- A Busy Month

June was a very busy month for us. It was filled with lots of short trips and time with friends.

On June 6th & 7th, Sophia and I took a trip to Lancaster, PA to spend some time with my friend Lisa and her son, Jacob. Sophia and Jacob got along so wonderfully. Jacob is three years old and full of energy much like Sophia. They had a blast swimming together, playing on the playground and just hanging out in the room watching movies. It was so sweet to watch them playing together. We stayed at Willow Valley Resorts. It was so nice. The hotel is geared to young children with it's playgrounds, indoor and outdoor pools, farm and buffet dinners. We visited Strasberg Railroad and took a ride on the train. The steam engine scared Sophia but she seemed to enjoy the train ride. It was a wonderful trip. We hope to go back again soon.

On June 13, we went to visit Heather and Katlyn. They took us to the pool they belong to. Sophia and Katlyn had a blast playing in the water, especially the splash pool.

June 19th was a big day for Katie. She gradudated from elementary school. We drove up to New Jersey to attend the graduation. It was really nice. The kids sang songs. There was a powerpoint presentation with pictures of each child as a baby and then as a 6th grader. Katie had a dance to go to that night so we spent the night in the hotel. Sophia loved the fact that there was a swimming pool. This also gave Steve some time to hang out with Nick. We headed back to home with Katie the next day.

June 21 was another busy day. Sophia went to her weekly gymnastics class and then we spent the late afternoon and early evening at Heather and Todd's. Todd slaved over the hot grill while Heather worked her magic in the kitchen. Laura, Jim, Sarah and Ellie were there. The girls all played together. Katie was fantastic, as always. She kept all the girls busy, playing and laughing. The fact that Katie was on crutches did not seem to matter in the least bit. It did not stop her or the girls from having fun. It was nice to see everyone, hang out, chat and play some games. All the girls are getting so big.

To finish out the month we spent the weekend of June 27-29 in Williamburg, VA. Anne was presenting at the VRID conference on Saturday and we decided to make a mini- family vacation out of it. Steve, Katie and Sophia toured the historic town on Saturday. Anne joined them on Sunday. The weather was hot but we were thankful for the breeze and the pool at the hotel. Sophia and Katie enjoyed the weekend and the car ride back home. I never heard two kids laugh as much as they did on our drive back home.

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