Monday, October 10, 2005

Another yard sale

Steve was gone this weekend. I got up early to take the dog for a walk on Sunday. As we were walking by the school I noticed people setting up for a yard sale. We browsed through the tables and found some really great stuff. I rushed home, got money and went back to pick up all the things I asked people to hold for me. I got tons of great stuff. I picked up a playschool doll house, a ride on scooter, a Lil Peoples farm and school bus, another farm set, a cause and effect toy, a shape sorter, a train set and some books. All for $25.

With yard sales and friends and family with older kids we are well on our way to having everything we need. Now if only I can find one more car seat and a crib at a yard sale we will be ready to go.


Stephe said...

Hi. Love your blog. Love those yard sales too! I wish my friends did. They won't go, yet they are amazed awesome stuff I get for little $. I didn't want to shop for my daughter-to-be since I won't know what size she will be...but yard sales have awesome like-new clothes. So, I fell off the wagon. :) I justify it cause I barely spent anything. Can't wait til you post photos of your nursery.

Stephe paperchasing dd#1

(P.S. be very, very cautious when buying a used carseat. They say that is the one thing that you shouldn't buy second hand but I have heard if you do to make sure of three things. It has never been in a car that has been in an accident, model has not been recalled, and car seats expire after 5 years. I am not making judgments...I am actually considering my friends car seat.)

Anonymous said...

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