Monday, October 31, 2005

One step forward, ten steps back

Steve and I painted the baby's room last weekend. It looks great. It is a celery green color. We have to buy the furniture to complete it but we are making progress. However, that is the only progress we seem to be making. There has been a tremendous slow down in the referrals from China. This month they are referring babies to those who had logged in dates (LID) in March. Evidently there were more than 1500 referrals for March LIDs. A typical month is about 800 referrals. With this many dossiers, the referrals are taking longer to be issued. Also the Consulate is going to get very backed up. We were excepting to get our referral in January and travel in March. Now it looks like we will get our referral in March and travel in May. This is really hard to swallow. I am praying that the slow down is temporary and that things will be picking up soon.

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