Saturday, August 19, 2006

First trip to the doctors

Saturday, August 19th

What was supposed to be a three hour return trip to civilization turned into another marathon driving event but this one included barf, poop and pee by the bucket full. Although our driver did an outstanding job, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing this, he couldn’t control the amount of traffic off the mountain and it took us a total of seven hours to get to Chengdu. Sophia has a bad diarrhea problem and we had to make three high speed, multiple-G diaper changes. Two other kids threw-up because of the bumpy ride and another had a major diaper leak. Our bus driver must love us!

We got to Chengdu just in time to send out our clothes to the laundry and then decided to take Sophia to the local children’s hospital for some help with the diarrhea per recommendation of our guide and the doctor at the hotel. The hospital was close by so we got into a taxi with our guide for another white knuckled ride. The hospital was very efficient but not as clean as the hospitals at home. Thank goodness we were in and out of there quickly. The doctor wanted a culture of Sophia’s bowel movement. On command, Sophia would not perform. They asked us some questions, gave us some medicine and sent us on our way with a little plastic cup to bring a sample of her BM back. The medicine we were given consists of some pills we need to crush and some powder we mix with water, maybe something like pedia’lite. We have no idea what we are giving her but we trust the Chinese medicine seeing it is so well established. They also switched her formula to a lactose free one. She does not like it one bit. We got back to the hotel and before long Sophia gave us the sample we needed. Our guide brought it back to the hospital. We will hopefully hear the results tomorrow. If she wasn’t acting so cheerful we would be really worried.

Steve ran out to a local Pizza Hut for dinner and we agreed it was just what we needed after nine days of all Chinese food. After that Katie and Steve had a quick swim and we all returned to the room for playtime. Sophie is learning so quickly. She already is signing “more” and maybe “daddy”, has begun to crawl and pull her self up to stand and imitate our clapping and silly faces. We all can’t wait to get home and have you meet this adorable bundle of cuteness (Katie’s phrase).


Anonymous said...

We continue to be thrilled at sharing your experiences and soooo look forward to getting you all home and hearing and seeing more and more about everything... and getting to hug you all!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom and Skip

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I LOVE reading about your adventures/experiences! I also love seeing the pictures of you all and especially Sophia! She is truly beautiful! I already showed my mother in law and my sister, and they too are in awe! Can't wait to see you all when you arrive home. Keep these wonderful updates coming! Love Ya!

Abbie :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi all; I can not wait for you all get back and see your bundle of cuteness. Katie you are a bundle of cuteness your self. I miss having you around. I hope you and Ryan can get together before you leave. What about a sleep over and pool if that is ok with Dad & Anne.You are going to be a great big sister. Well I better go for now take care you all.
Love, Sherry

Beth McGrain said...

Hey! The panda pictures are my favorite thus far :-D Did you pack one up to bring home?

Glad to hear you survived the trip in the "wild". Sophie looks fantastic and happy - I hope she is feeling better.

Katie - I love you more than bunnies!!! Sorry I missed your call this morning. I miss you so many. Can't wait to see you :-D

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Mommy

Anonymous said...

You all look so happy. You have already fallen in love with Sophie and she with you! She sounds like such a smart and well adjusted baby. Traveling like you are with the baby will whip your parenting skills right into shape. I am sure Katie is being a big help. I can not wait to see each of you and meet Sophie. I also wanted to thank you for being concerned about our accident today and calling all the way from China to check on us.
Love, Auntie Linda, Stephanie and Hollie