Monday, August 21, 2006


August 20

We spent the morning in Chengdu. After a short morning swim for Katie we headed out onto the streets. Chengdu is a beautiful city. It is cleaner than Chongqing but just as busy. There were so many people riding bicycles. In Beijing, Chongqing and Wolong we constantly heard car horns blowing. Here the ringing of bells from people on bikes was almost music to the ears. The amount of bike traffic is amazing. The streets have a lane for bike traffic and then the car traffic. You feel like frogger trying to first get through the bikers and then the drivers. It is quite scary at times. I hesitate too much and take far too long to cross a street. Steve plows right through.

Sophia went on her second plane ride today. She slept through most of it. We “double-diapered” for the plane ride and it is good thing. Right before landing Sophia had, yet another, dirty diaper. The two layers saved mama’s lap.

Guangzhou seems beautiful. There are bright lights and the city has a very British feel to it. We did not see much of it on the bus ride to the hotel but what we saw we liked. We are at the famous White Swan Hotel. The service seems great so far. We had dinner in the hotel tonight and Sophia, who can no longer eat anything but her rice cereal, congee, and formula, did a great job entertaining herself while mama, baba, and Katie ate. She loved the sound of a spoon hitting a table.

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