Monday, August 21, 2006

One week and one million diapers later

Monday, August 21, 2006 (We have had Sophia one week today!!)

Sophia is getting into quite a routine, blessing us with a dirty diaper to be changed in the middle of the night and then another one right after she awakes in the morning. She takes these dirty diapers in stride, never even crying when they are full. We are the ones that are crying with the stink and the mess. The medicine does not seem to be helping in the least bit. We were planning on visiting the doctor here at the White Swan after breakfast but were told we had to go for our medical exam for the visa so off we went. She did not want to leave mama or baba’s arms for the visa picture. She looks quite scared.

The medical appointment checked her weight (18.4 pounds) and length (28.75 inches), her hearing (by ringing a bell and playing a toy piano), and her throat. It was a very quick and efficient process. The doctor seemed pleased by her chubby little legs.

After the medical exam another doctor consulted with us regarding her diarrhea. He reviewed her medical chart from the hospital in Chengdu. He told us, with our guide interpreting, that is not bacterial and gave her some medicine that should bind her. Let’s hope this does the trick.

After the medical appointment we went out to find a place to do our laundry and then did some shopping. We bought some squeaky shoes, some traditional Chinese outfits, and some gifts for future birthdays. Guangzhou is really a charming city. The shops are amazing. The people all seem very friendly and we found a place around the corner that serves Hagen daz ice cream. We know what we are having for desert later.

Sophia is truly amazing. She is laughing more each day. She is imitating everything we do and learning so much through exploring. She seems to be playing with her voice today. She is cruising along furniture and can sign “more” when asked to. She also knows how to play “peek-a-boo.” We say “peek-a-boo” and she covers her ears!!! She does this consistently. I am sure she will fine tune it in a few days and learn to cover her eyes. She is a doll. She loves to cuddle and doesn’t mind us giving her lots of kisses.


Anonymous said...

The picture with her hands on her head is precious. I just want to squeeze her. She really seems well adjusted. I am sure you are proud of her. The culture you are experiencing sounds amazing as does the shopping! Getting near to bringing her home! Love, Auntie Linda

Anonymous said...

We were so glad to get our "morning fix" of what's happening with you folks, and as we have been doing, we called mother and read your latest entries to her. She was here yesterday and saw the pictures up to then and we'll print some of todays and take them to her. We laughed out loud about Sophie's "peek a boo" with her ears! Since you haven't mentioned the health status of the rest of you we hope no news is good news and Steve's back and Anne's shoulder and all of Katie are doing well. We're fine except for the aching in our arms to hug you all!!!!
Love, Mom and Skip

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for all of you!
Anne, I could tell by the photos that you are a natural, I knew you would be. I hope there are less diapers to change today. Remember B.R.A.T. (bananas, rice, applesauce and toast) if you are trying to bind her up, and if it's available.
Can't wait to meet her, and see all of you again!

Anonymous said...

Hi I love all the pictures of Sophia, she is a doll . In three days I will meet her then I will give her a big hug and kiss. See you soon. Love and kisses Mom Hollie said hi she wants to hug her too.Stephanie said she loves Auntie Anne, Uncle Steve, Katie and Sophia.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so say the word, and I'm coming over!!!!! Do you want me to buy anything for you for the house when you get back.. I'll bring groceries, diapers, etc.... just say the word...
Also, I hope you heard by now that when you fly home, DONT pack any liquids or gels in your carryons... you will have to dispose of them...