Saturday, August 26, 2006

Stay tuned

Coming soon....
How we made it to America without being covered in poop
Sophia's first day as an American
Meeting grandparents and friends in the airport
Meeting Grandma Barb and Auntie Pat
A day without sleep is like a day without sleep
Sleeping cats and children

For all those wondering Sophia is over her bronchitis. Her cold is breaking up. Her diarrhea seems to be getting better. She was VERY cranky today. We are not sure if her days and nights are mixed up or she is teething. It could also be that she is mourning her loss of the foster parents.

For all friends and family that have offered to help out we really do appreciate it. We will probably be slowly taking you all up on your offers.

Once we get some sleep and gain some sanity we will post the stories and pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I was there to welcome you home in the airport! I am sure everyone will be adjusted in no time and on a regular schedule! Good luck. Auntie Linda