Saturday, September 02, 2006

A week at home

September 2, 2006

Sophia turned ten months old yesterday. She seems to be really enjoying her new home and family. She enjoys sitting on the floor in the living room and playing with her toys. She can even play for ten to fifteen minutes on her own. She loves exploring everything. You can see her look at the toy trying to figure out what makes it roll or play music. She observes all the parts and is starting to know which buttons to push or where to put the pieces.

Sophia also played in her crib before nap time. Aunt Leslie sent her a very soft and cuddly snuggly. She loves rubbing and cuddling with it right before she falls asleep. We thought she might put herself to sleep but she was having too much fun. After about ten minutes she cried and then needed mama in the room to settle her down. These are all baby steps but are huge milestones seeing she has only been with us for just over two weeks and home in her crib for a week. She learned to stand up in her crib. She isn’t able to crawl out but it will be something we are watching for. She is a quick study!!

We went to visit Grandma Beadle, Grandma Bev and Grandpa Skip on Wednesday. She enjoyed playing there. She even liked the big dogs. Bandit kissed her and Sophia laughed. She ate lunch in the high chair Grandma Beadle bought her and took a nap in the pack and play Grandma Bev and Grandpa Skip bought. She seemed very comfortable with everyone. She even sported the Orioles baseball hat Grandpa bought for her. Too bad it was too cold to go swimming. The cold did not stop Katie. Katie enjoyed the pool with her grandmothers for a last summer swim.

Katie had to go back to her mother’s on Thursday. Sophia is really going to miss having Katie around, as will we. Katie was a huge help and someone who could always get Sophia to smile. Katie will be down in a couple of weeks to start her every other weekend visits.

We went to a Chinese restaurant last night for dinner. Steve was craving Chinese food, as if we didn’t get enough of it the two weeks we were in China!!! Sophia’s fortune cookie, which she did not eat, read… “May you have a good appetite.” This could not be truer. Quite funny.

Sophia has slept until 5:15 or 5:30 AM over the past three days. She seems to be getting into a routine. We are thrilled. She is not going to bed until around 9:30 seeing she is taking two long naps (more than two hours each if we let her) during the day. We are trying to shorten the naps so she will get to bed a little earlier. However, we are going slowly. She has been through so many changes over the past three weeks.

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