Thursday, August 09, 2007

Celebrating One Year Together

It is hard to believe that we were in China one year ago today. We hadn't met Sophia yet but were sightseeing in Bejing. At this time last year all of our lives were about to be changed forever in just a few short days.

We celebrated the one year anniversary of Family Day (Gotcha Day) a little early seeing Steve works on Tuesday nights. We had a great dinner at PF Changs. Sophia loved the food. She sat in the regular chair (she hasn't liked sitting in high chairs for a couple of months now) and ate like it was going out of style. She even enjoyed some sorbet at Maggie Moo's after dinner.

We took a couple of pictures similiar to the ones we took in the hotel lobby when she was presented to us.

Sophia is growing so quickly. On Monday she was home with Steve and he noticed her about to have a BM... she gets this look on her face. He asked her if she wanted to go on the potty. He put her on the upstairs toilet and sure enough she had a BM. She was so proud of herself.

She has been getting dressed herself. She sometimes needs help making sure her legs go into the right pant leg but she is determined to do it all by herself. She says, "My turn." She has been into wearing hats lately. She puts them on and walks around the house. She looks so cute in them and gets quite a kick out of it if you tell her so.

She has been talking up a storm. She yells at the dog if she thinks Kaegogi is doing something she shouldn't be doing. She sings and dances around the house. She wakes up in the morning and "reads" the book in her crib. She also tries to sneak toys from the toy box in her crib. I have snuck in a caught her in the act. She reaches out and grabs the toy and then carefully manipulates it until she can get it up over the side of the crib. She has such an imagination. She feeds and rocks her dolls. She loves to clean, she washes the table down after she eats and helps throw things in the trash.

She knows what she wants to do. When we go out for a walk she tells me which way she thinks I should turn and lets me know if I turn in a way that is not to her liking. When she wants to watch TV she will turn it on and hand the remote to me. She decides which shoes she wants to wear (lately these have been the squeaky shoes we bought in China.) She asks to go to the potty but usually doesn't sit long enough for it to be a successful trip. We have started to read a book on the potty in attempts to get her to sit longer. Now she says, "Potty, please" gets a book and tells me to "read it." She likes washing her hands and playing in the water. I suspect this is the reason she asks to go to the potty so often.

She is an easy-going child. She sometimes asks why or whines when she doesn't get her way but once you give her a reason she usually sighs and says "O'tay."
Life with Sophia is always fun and silly. She makes being a mother so easy.

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