Wednesday, August 01, 2007

"Family" Reunion

We hosted a reunion for the families that traveled to China together last August. All six families were able to attend. One family even flew in from Maine to attend this celebration.

We spent Friday night with two other families and had a blast. The girls are very close in age (about three weeks apart) and they played together so nicely. At one point Sophia and Katlyn sat down on the floor and started rolling a ball back and forth to each other. It was so cute. The girls also enjoyed jumping in the moon bounce Todd set up and swimming in the kiddie pool. It was a great night.

On Saturday we all headed to Steve's parent's pool. Everyone got there in the early afternoon and had a lot fun. The girls played in the pool (while the dads supervised) and all the moms sat around catching up! It so nice to see everyone. All the girls have grown so much. They have changed in so many ways in the last year. It is neat to see how they are all up and running, talking, singing, playing and loving their forever families. The girls took to each other right away. They seem to know they share a history, a special bond. I tell Sophia that these are her China sisters and I do hope they always stay in touch.

We tried to re-create the "red couch" picture taken last August. I think we had more luck then when many of the young ones weren't walking. It was hard to get everyone to sit, especially so late in the day and when they much preferred to be running and swimming. This picture doesn't capture the children at their best but it will be treasured. Trust me.... the girls were much happier before we corralled them for this photo.

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