Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

Two years old!!! This is something to celebrate!! We are having several small "parties" with the people who are important in Sophia's life rather than a big and overwhelming party. We celebrate both Sophia and Katlyn's birthdays on Friday October 26th. Katlyn is one of Sophia's best friends. She will be two on November 5th. We got together for a playdate, lunch and cake. The girls had a blast as they typically do when they are together. Sophia got a Dora doll which she has been carrying around ever since. Sophia has really been into Dora over the couple of weeks.

We will have cake on November 1st to celebrate Sophia's birthday and then get together with her big sister, Katie, and grandparents on Saturday for dinner and some cupcakes. Anne and Sophia will be going to Connecticut on November 9th and I am sure there will be more presents and cake with Hollie and Stephanie whose birthdays are also in the fall.

Stay tuned for all the pictures.

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Katie said...

Don't forget, Casey is going to be there too! You should have seen Sophie last time I was there. She walked up to me and said," Casey? D, Casey!" But I said "soph, she's not here this weekend." And guess what she said? "Aww man!"