Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How sweet!!

When I picked up Sophia from daycare on Monday (10/29) her daycare provider shared the following story. The four girls were going out for a walk. I sent Sophia with a sweatshirt and jacket seeing it was cold in the morning. Sophia got on her jacket for the walk but was not wearing her sweatshirt. One girl did not have on a jacket. The girl told the daycare provider she did not wear one. Sophia heard this conversation and went to get her sweatshirt. She gave the sweatshirt to her friend saying, "Here Ella. Jacket."

It is amazing to see how much Sophia understands. She not only understood the conversation but that she had something that a friend needed. She was willing to share to help out a friend. Many adults don't "get this" but here is this almost two year old showing what true friendship is.
She has always been generous. She shared her food with us by trying to feed us on our first few days together in China. She continues to share her food and her toys. Now I am not saying she does this all the time. There are a few special toys that she would prefer no one gets their hands on but don't we all behave like that at times. Sophia is remarkable... can a child this young empathize?

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