Monday, October 15, 2007

Growing Pumpkins

Back in May Sophia and I went to Home Depot to pick up some plants and seeds for our garden. Sophia picked up a small cup with three pumpkin seeds in it. It was made just for children and I think cost all of 59 cents. Sophia and I planted late May and within days the plant sprouted. It grew very quickly... so quickly you could almost see it grow. We transplanted it outside in June and by July it had taken over the garden. We did not have much luck with the wild flowers this year so I ripped them out to give the pumpkin some space to grow. It used that entire space and creeped out of the garden onto the lawn and even up and over our fence. This pumpkin plant was HUGE. I was amazed to see six pumpkins grow. We watched as the pumpkins grew larger each day and then turn from green to orange. We picked them in late September. We had some very large pumpkins. Who knew Sophia was such a good gardener!! We gave a pumpkin to Grandma Bev and Grandpa Skip and another one to Grandma Beadle. Katie forgot to take her's home. We have four pumpkins left. We plan to carving them, playing in the goop, roasting the seeds. We will also paint one or two pumpkins. What fun!!!!!


Don said...

Very nice blog!

Don Kelly - Elizabeth Wen's dad

(see blog on the ATI website for too much information)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's Andy - yes, the one who finally got back in touch with Steve after YEARS.

Anne, I need to start emailing with you, and calling Steve more. He says you're much more the computer person than he (big surprise there ;-) )

Please try me at madsox2k @ yahoo first, then I can get you one of my "real" addresses.

Impressive blogging, you've got a knack for it. Brings back so many memories of our trip, the first years back... wow.

Talk to you soon!

Andy (Andrew) Maddox,
that long-lost gaming and martial arts guy

Katie said...

Sophie is just too cute! I have the best sister EVER!