Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let it snow!


What a wonderful day. If you could only see Sophia this morning. She wanted to wear her fairy dress Grandma Barb bought her this morning. She was dressed in jeans and a sweater with her fairy dress over it. We got on her coat and opened the door and she squealed with delight, "It snow out." She bounded through the snow running and playing.... making me late for work.

I only work a half day on Wednesday so after lunch we played in the snow again. That is when these pictures were taken. She was having a blast. She loved trying to make snowballs, eating snow and just plain old running around in it. If we could only all enjoy things as much as this two year old does the world would be a better place.

After her nap she headed out again, this time with her baba and went sledding. She laughed non-stop. The snow up her mittens and in her face was not going to prevent her from enjoying every moment. They made up a wonderful concoction of snow and strawberry syrup and claimed it tasted great.

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