Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas 2007

We had such a great Christmas season. It was filled with family and fun, not to mention a lot of shopping. Sophia and Katie helped us put up our Christmas decorations. Sophia was fascinated by all the lights and ornaments. We went to visit Santa at the mall and after waiting in line for over an hour Sophia decided she did not want to sit on Santa's lap. We did get one picture with me sitting on the arm of Santa's chair with Sophia on my lap but that is all.

We had a blast baking cookies for Santa and preparing for the big day. Sophia woke up early on Christmas morning and could not wait to go downstairs. She noticed that Santa ate the cookies we left but did not notice the gifts he left by the fireplace. She walked right by them!!! When we asked her if Santa brought her any toys she looked in her toy box. We had to lead her to the new gifts that Santa left. She loved the doll and the chair for her house, however, what she loved the best was the candy in her stocking! This was followed closely by her Dora underwear which she put on right away, over her clothes!

We had a nice morning at home opening gifts. She enjoyed opening the presents and liked everything she got. We then went to Grandma Bev's and Pop Pop's house. Grandma Beadle was there too. Aunt Leslie, Emma and Will flew in from California that afternoon. We had a wonderful dinner and then opened even more gifts. It was a great day.

Nick and Katie came down on Thursday. We had a second Christmas celebration on Friday with Nick and Katie. We spent a good portion of the week at Grandma Bev's and Pop Pop's house. It was so nice to have everyone together. We played games and the girls beat the pants off the boys in Pictionary! We went for a nice walk one day. Sophia loved walking through the woods and jumping in every puddle she could find.

Being with family is the best Christmas gift ever. We are thankful that we had time to spend together.

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Finally, a dosage of Soph! Aww, she is too cute!