Thursday, January 24, 2008

January update

Where does the time go? I can not believe February is almost here. Sophia continues to amaze me. She is getting so tall. Her face is changing again. She is getting dimples when she smiles. She is talking up a storm. She continues to entertain us with her singing and dancing. She tries to amuse us at dinner with her silly antics. Sometimes she pretends to be a dog and gets on the floor and barks until we give her a "treat."

She has been sleeping in her "big girl" bed for the past couple of weeks. She loves her Dora sheets. She has been very good about being in the bed. She has not crawled out at all. My baby is growing up!!!

Sophia has worn her "big girl" underwear for several hours at a time and stays dry. We will let her lead the way with some gentle encouraging on our part in February.

Sophia still loves gymnastics. She can tumble on her own. She loves to jump and does it all the time. She is a big helper around the house. She loves to feed the cats, carry in groceries, clean the floors and wipe the table. We hear "me do it" a thousand times a day. The other day she told me to stay in her room while she got on the potty all by herself. She is independent and confident.

I am attending training for four days out of state next week. This will be the first time I leave Sophia overnight since she was placed in my arms. Steve has traveled before for several weekends and once for a whole week and she survived! It is not like I am leaving her with strangers, she will be with her dad (baba) but it is still a huge, scary step for me. Yes, me... not Sophia. Sophia will probably handle this better than I do!

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"D" said...

What a big girl! Way to go, baby sis!