Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmas in Connecticut

This Christmas season went on forever! We went to Connecticut on January 18th to spend time with Grandma Barbara. We had a wonderful homecooked Italian dinner on Friday night. Sophia could not wait to open more presents... and she was not disappointed. Grandma Barbara found the perfect gifts for all of us. Sophia loved her doctor's kit and Dora pillow and blanket.

We visited Anne's Aunt Philly on Saturday. It was so great to see her. Growing up we saw our grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins weekly. We used to spend Sundays together. I miss that time and wish that we lived closer so we could see each other more often.

Sunday we all headed to Linda's house. George and Tracey came down with the kids. Sophia and Katie had a blast playing with their cousins. Danielle and Katie are close in age and seem to have a lot in common. The girls all doted on Sophia. She kept up with all of them and giggled all day long. Linda cooked a fabulous dinner. We opened more gifts, yippee!!

We had a great weekend. I wish these visits could last longer. Time flies by.

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"D" said...

Still the cutest!