Wednesday, January 03, 2018

December 2017

This month is going to be more like a photo essay. There are so many pictures that I will let them tell the story.

A photo is exactly how we started the month. Sophia has been taking a photography seminar in middle school. She is assigned different projects each week. One week was a close up or full frame photo. She took so many beautiful photos. She had one that she decided, with a little coaxing from me, to enter into the PTA Reflections contest. This year's theme was Within Reach. She used the following photo.
She wrote the following description-The Power of Love is within reach. The love between horses and humans is phenomenal. Some people think that horses are mean and scary because they are big. This photo shows someone who hesitated because they were scared but once they touched the horse they realized that the horse was loving and gentle. The power of love is within reach when you overcome your fears. 

She won first place in the photography division. Her entry will now move to the county level. 

She has taken some really good pictures in this class.  Here is another one where they were learning about taking photos with natural light.
Sophia rode Becky during a couple of lessons this month. She is such a tiny pony. Sophia loves her. Becky could be difficult but Sophia managed to control her and keep her going with only one buck.

We had a little snow on December 9th. It was the same day as an all day Girl Scout event but Sophia did manage to get out an play in it for a while. She loves the snow just as much as I do.
Mr Twinkletoes tried to get outside to see what it was all about too.
The snow was a perfect backdrop for us when we cut down our tree on December 10th. This is the first year we have had snow when picking out a Christmas tree. 

Leslie helped us decorate the tree. The animals all enjoyed exploring the tree.

I love Christmas. I like purchasing gifts for people, wrapping, cooking and then spending the time with family. Nick and Aiden came in on 12/23. We went out to a Japanese Steak House for dinner and then played an "Escape Game" at home that night.

 Leslie joined us on Christmas Eve. We played the game where you unwrap a gift with potholders. It was so much fun. We then had a wonderful dinner of standing rib roast, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans and salad. Aiden, Steve and I went to an 8:00 PM mass at the local UU church and then we came home and had lava cake and cheesecake, both made in my new instant pot. Everything was delicious. 

Christmas morning was great, as usual. We all were up by 7:30 (Sophia's compromise) and opened gifts. Followed by breakfast and then lasagna and meatballs for dinner. I made some dessert and we went to an open house at Heather and Todd's on Christmas evening.

At the Binnix Open House
Sophia and I went to Long Island at the end of our vacation week to spend time with the Acampora's Linda came down for two days so we were all able to get together to celebrate Christmas. George treated us to his smoked ribs and brisket. It was great to spend time at George's and relax with family. To me that is what Christmas is all about.

Another potholder game courtesy of Linda (who shared it with us last year too)

 It snowed about 4 inches while we were there. Sophia was the only one to brave the cold. Arti, the dog, loved having someone to play with.

Our pets all took turns being festive for the holidays too. 

Kaegogi is loving going for walks in the cold weather... then resting in her cozy bed.

Everyone else is good too.

We ended 2017 with a quiet night in. Steve bought us hats and whistles to bring in the new year.

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