Tuesday, July 31, 2018

January 2018

January was a quiet month. Sophia continued practicing with the 6th grade honors chorus. She is enjoying working with this chorus.

She also is working hard with her horse bowl team. She meets up with the team on Saturdays after her riding lesson. She studies with them and their coach, Marcie, and then goes back to the barn to work a couple of hours to earn her working student bucks which she uses for extra lesson time.

Steve officiated at John and Kristy's wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Steve did an awesome job.

I attended Etna in New Hampshire this year. I met a group of wonderful interpreters. January started our four weekend seminar. It was cold!

Our animals are all doing fine. Gracie loves the cats and they tolerate her. They let her chase them. It is fun to watch.

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