Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Sophia competed in another Dressage Show this month. She rode Taco again and moved up to the Training Level 1 test. This test is more involved than the intro ones. She got a 68.04 and 1st place for training level. She was competing with all adults for this test. She also go a 69.75 and 2nd place in Intro C. She rode Taco again. It happens in a bigger ring. She has been riding with the dressage team and is really doing well.

Sophia did not compete in the hunter jumper show this month. Navajo is out due to problems with his eyes. She decided to help the team rather than use another horse that someone else may ride regularly. She is becoming so mature.

Her show team did a team building, fun activity this month. They played bubble soccer. I had never seen this before. It was so much fun. They ran around in huge bubbles playing different games, bumping into each other and falling over.

Our animals are doing well. Mr. Twinkletoes is developing a curl in his ears. We are not sure why it is happening. It may be a side effect of the Flovent he takes for his asthma. We hope it isn't anything serious.

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