Tuesday, July 31, 2018


February flew by. We got a little snow. We all love playing in the snow. The dogs even like being out in it.

Sophia competed in the local Horse Bowl competition. She did a fantastic job. She is learning so much in the 4-H program. The Horse Bowl is a jeopardy like game which tests the kids knowledge of horse breeds, nutrition, anatomy, disease, parasites, tack, etc. There is so much to learn but Sophia is enjoying becoming a more well rounded equestrian. 

We took Sophia and her friend Rachel skating. Sophia was a great teacher. By the end of the night Rachel was able to skate without the aid. 

Our Girl Scout troop had a tie dye party so we could make T-shirts for the mall sleep in. They girls all had a blast. 
 And our animals are all doing well. I have to write about them, they are part of the family!

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