Tuesday, July 31, 2018


March was an exciting month. We started off the month with the Horse Expo in Harrisburg, PA. We have been to the one in Maryland before but they are no longer having the Maryland Expo. We made a bit of a mini-vacation of this. We went up on Friday and came back late Saturday afternoon, right before the mall sleep in. The weather was a bit scary. We had a terrible wind storm. School was closed so Sophia did not have to use an absence for this day. Steve drove the entire way griping the wheel. We saw Angel, her coach there. Angel moved to PA. We miss having weekly lessons with her. We saw the shows, demonstrations and Sophia did some shopping. She bought a bucket full of treats with no added sugar for Navajo.

We came home, took a short nap and then headed to the mall for the mall "sleep in." There is NO sleeping during this event. There are activities for the girls to do. The food court is also open. I think they all like to food court the best. We enter the mall around 11 PM and leave around 5:30 AM. It is a long night!

This is Sophia the day after the mall sleep in. 

Sophia competed in her first dressage show of the series. She rode Taco. She did an amazing job.  She rode Intro B and got a 67.18 and got 3rd place and Intro C and got 70 which put her in first place. She has been riding with Kate and is considering joining the Dressage Team.

Sophia and her Horse Bowl team competed in the state competitions. They did an awesome job for a first year team. She learned so much from these practices. 4-H has been wonderful. I only wish we found it sooner.

Our animals are all doing well. I somehow don't have any pictures of Gracie and Otto. 

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