Tuesday, July 31, 2018


We started June on a very sad note. Kaegogi started yelping in the middle of the night on Friday, June 1. We did not know why. It was hard to know if she was in pain or anxious. Steve stayed ended up staying downstairs with her all night and pet her every time she woke up yelping. We spoke to the vet who prescribed a sedative that is used for dogs that get dementia. She did okay during the day on Saturday and we gave her the medicine on Saturday night around 6:00 PM. She slept the first couple of hours. We were relieved. But then she started waking up every hour, yelping, around midnight. We made the hard decision to put her down. We promised her we would not let her suffer. She has been such an amazing dog. 

She had trouble with bad knees but we kept her comfortable. She has even been getting acupuncture every couple of weeks for the last year and a half. We thought we were going to lose her back in January 2016. At that time she was listless and not eating. After some meds and a change in diet she bounced back. I hoped that his would be the case this time but clearly she was ready to let go. She let us know in a very clear way. 

The animals all seemed to know. They all spent time with her those last couple of days. They had even started laying in her bed. I had notice that Boba and Mr. Twinkletoes actually started laying in her bed about a week before she passed. I did not think much of this because they have done this from time to time. But now looking back I think this was different. 

The other animals seem to miss her. They continued to lay in her bed. They all were a bit quieter for about a week. 

Every night I gave Kaegogi and Mr. Twinkletoes their medicine. Then all of the animals got treats. The dogs would often be joined by Mr. Twinkletoes when they got their treats. Now it is just Gracie and Boba. It feels so different. Kae's presence is missed. 

The whole house is quieter without her. She was a vocal dog. She talked to me all the time. She cried to go outside, then to come back in. She talked to us when she wanted attention. I miss her so much. I always thought I was a cat person but somehow this dog got to my heart like no other one has. 

She has blessed us the last 14 1/2 years. 

Sophia ran in the Girls on the Run 5K. She loves running and hopes to join the track team in High School.

Sophia competed in the 4-H Hippology and Horse Judging competition at the state level. She was hesitant to do the oral reasons of horse judging when she first started. This is where you stand up before a judge and tell them why you placed the horses in the order you did. The first practice she couldn't get through the reasons. She had an eye for the placings but the oral reasons were hard. She stuck with it and became more confident. The night before the competition she told me she like the judging more than the written and practical hippo logy! She did amazing in the competition. She ended up placing 2nd overall in the Intermediate Novice division. I am so proud of her.

I went up to Connecticut for my Aunt Anna Jane's 90th birthday. It was so nice to see her and my Aunt Philly. All my cousins were there. It was nice to be with family.

I also went up to New Hampshire to finish out the Etna series. I went up a day early to spend time with one of my best friends, Michael. The entire weekend was amazing. I am so glad I made it up to New Hampshire for this series. 

Sophia and her cats!

This month was a roller coaster. A really low time but followed by lots of happy times. I tell Sophia that we can't appreciate the happiness without knowing the sadness. This month served as a lesson for that.

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